«Vostochno-Ukrainskiy Energeticheskiy Sojuz Promishlennikov»
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Our company history

The economic growth in various sectors of the economy has led to the need to create an organization that would be comprehensive service the energy industry, metallurgy industry, chemical industry and other industries.

Such an organization became concern “Vostochno-Ukrainskiy Energeticheskiy Sojuz Promishlennikov”. The concern includes companies that for several years already served more than 50 enterprises in Ukraine and abroad.

Accurate adherence the requirements of partners, quality assurance, cost effectiveness and reliability of the supplied equipment, form a stable positive image of our company.

Especially wanted to note implementation of new innovative technologies in the production of equipment that works at thermal power plants, mining and processing enterprises, metallurgical plants, and the ability of the concern employees to perform non-standard, technologically advanced operations, using a special tools.

Guarantee the quality of our work is the professionalism of employees and strict implementation of our commitments.

Concern “Vostochno-Ukrainskiy Energeticheskiy Sojuz Promishlennikov” was organized June 3, 2005. The founders of the Concern are two legally independent companies - "NPS-Energiya" LLC and CONCERN VUESP LTD (Great Britain).

"NPS-Energiya" LLC was established in 2000. The main activity of the enterprise is repair and reconstruction of steam turbines and other rotating equipment, especially in the performance of special works.

"CONCERN VUESP LTD". The main activities: supply of equipment for thermal power station, thermal power plants, steel plants and coke plants Ukraine and abroad.