«Vostochno-Ukrainskiy Energeticheskiy Sojuz Promishlennikov»
Bursatsky Spusk 7/14, Office 5-11, Kharkiv, Ukraine, 61003
E-mail: vuespua@gmail.com | Phone/fax: +38 (057) 757-50-50, + 38 (057) 757-51-51
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"Vostochno-Ukrainskiy Energeticheskiy Sojuz Promishlennikov" Concern (“East Ukrainian Power Union of Industrialists” Concern), VUESP Concern – short name

specializes in performance of a wide range of works on "turnkey" basis for the fuel and energy complex, in the field of large and small energetics.

“Vostochno-Ukrainskiy Energeticheskiy Sojuz Promishlennikov” Concern, provides a full range of services to fulfill:

- Repair work;
- Installation works;
- Dismantling works;
- Services for the modernization;

VUESP Concern specializes in the manufacture and supply of spare parts and equipment for:
- the power industry;
- the metallurgical industry;
- the chemical industry;
- supply of metal rolling;

Specialists of Concern "VUESP" worked, and continue to work successfully on thermal and nuclear power plants in Ukraine and abroad, such as: Zmievskaya TPP, Uglegorskaya TPP, Ekibastuzskaya TPP, Iriklinskaya TPP, Khmelnitsky NPP, Kurakhovskaya TPP, Luganskaya TPP, Starobeshevskaya TPP, Kharkov TPP-5, Slavanskaya TPP, Zuyevskaya TPP, Tripolskaya TPP, Kakhovskaya hydroelectric, Ramin TPP (Iran), Dobrotvorskaya TPP, Gorosal TPP, Bangladesh and other energy facilities. Also many employees were involved in the repair of power facilities in Russia, Bulgaria, Iraq, Pakistan, Iran and other countries.

The Quality Management System of VUESP Concern is a subsystem of the Company’s management system.

The Company proves its ability to manufacture products that satisfy consumer demands by developing and improving its Quality Management System certified to meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.